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This Great Big Tie Dye STARTER kit has been designed to be a great starter kit with 6 x 125 mls bottles with Magenta , Yellow ,Turquoise, Orange, Deep Blue & Golden.

In easy to hold dye bottles with everything you need including soda ash fixer , rubber bands , gloves , apron and dust mask and full instructions.

Tie dyeing is a a fun and engaging activity , allowing you to be create all sorts of great patterns . The dyes will blend together like water colours creating new colours like purple and green.

These dyes work best on natural fibres like 100% cotton , bamboo , rayon and hemp. A small 5% of lycra is ok but a mix of  50% polyester or nylon with cotton will not work well. The dyes will only bond with the natural fibres.

Depending on the size of the item you dye and how much dye you apply this kit will dye 5 to 15 items. You can make your dyes go further by adding more water to make softer pastel tone. All items need to be pre washed  before applying dye . After dyeing you must wait 24hrs before washing out . This ensures that the dye has bonded with the fabric giving you the brightest long lasting colour.

You can dye your items all at once in a 2 hrs period or use the soda ash soak method and dye your items over time ( several weeks or months)

Quality 100% cotton items to dye are  also available eg sling and shopping bags , pillow cases , t shirts and socks, or grab a  comfy old t shirt and upcycle.


Tie dyeing is fun and if you want to try it again refills are available .So save your bottles , rinse and get a refill kit which will be a double for this size bottle.

This kit is also available with added black.


To keep expensive and excessive packing  to a minimum this kit will be sent in a plain postage box.



Great Big Tie Dye STARTER Kit


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