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Magic Starfish,
Proudly Tie Dyeing Australia
since 2006
Magic Starfish for Creative Crafts
Magic Starfish Tie Dye boys

  Magic Starfish began back  in 2006 by two Mums from Linuwel Steiner school.

As parents of young children we wanted them in bright beautiful t-shirts that they wanted to wear . 


Like many environmentally aware parents we knew our business had to ethically based as well.

Our children were our inspiration but we now find adults love tie dyeing as much as their kids . In our digital world, hands on craft activities are more important than ever. 

In 2015 Magic Starfish won the Hunter Region Business Award for an Arts & Crafts Business. This prestigious award isn't a popularity vote but awarded after an in depth look at business practices, ethics and customer service. We are very proud to have won this award.

We answered the challenge by tie dyeing clothing in intricate patterns and bright beautiful colours. These tie dyed t-shirts soon became our children's favourites , with their friends asking their parents to buy them some too! Autumn 2007 saw Magic Starfish hold our first market stall at the Artisan's Market at Linuwel School. It was a stunning success, with children changing into their  t-shirts even before leaving our stall! The range soon expanded to include dresses, skirts, aprons, tea-towels, pillow cases and bags.

At Magic Starfish we now concentrate on Kits for groups and individuals ....encouraging children and adults to enjoy the creativity of tie dyeing, beeswax candle making and felting. We have provided thousands of children and adults all around Australia with a fun and easy way to experience tie dying. 

"Our favourite part of being at markets is seeing both children and adults putting their Tie dyes on straight away because they can't wait to wear them!"
Creativity for Mind Body & Soul

Staff working in Youth, Aged and Disability Care love tie dyeing as a  positive and creative activity their clients can enjoy.


It's fascinating watching children deciding which Tie Dye to make their own. Children are attracted to the bright, beautiful colours and exciting patterns and will choose a pattern and colours which help them express their personality. Parents love their children being seen easily in a crowd when wearing their tie dyes; they also love the practicality of a colourful patterned t-shirt to hide any messy marks!


"We are conscious of every process in the creation of our products.

We activily seek to collaborate with ethical local suppliers." 

Jacqueline Magic Starfish

Quality Craft Kits & Refills

In 2008 we began the journey of making our own Tie Dye kit.

From the beginning we wanted to reduce the amount of plastic in our kits. The idea of creating Tie Dye refill kits really appealed to us. By asking our customers to keep their dye bottles they could then purchase a refill kit and do some more Tie Dyeing. We are happy to see that other companies have followed our lead and are creating Tie Dye refills.

Sustainability & Longevity

We "road test" all the products we supply for longevity. We want our customers to be able to purchase a Magic Starfish Tie Dye and know that the colours will stay bright after years of washing and the quality of the garment means that it can be handed down to siblings and cousins and still be bright and beautiful.

We try to ensure that all aspects of our business are based on environmentally sustainable practices.


All our clothing and accessories are made with

  • sweatshop free labour

  • fair trade practices

  • fair labour principles

  • sustainable fabrics including organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo fabrics are our priority

  • the most environmentally friendly, child safe, fade resistant dyes available in Australia

  • we activly seek out ethical local manufacturers to collaborate with



During 2016 we have been working with Octopod and Accessible Arts to ensure all our products are accessible for everyone.


In 2015 Magic Starfish won the Hunter Region Business Award for an Arts & Crafts. This prestigious award isn't a popularity vote but awarded after an indepth look at business practices, ethics and customer service. We are very proud to have won this award.

Sharing More Rainbows

We love beautiful colours and we love crafting with natural materials. Our aim is to provide children and adults with the opportunity to craft with beautiful natural products including 100% wool felt, Beeswax, natural soaps.


We have been privileged to work with many proactive organisations in bringing rainbow crafts to their clients.

For information about our Tie Dye kits for Schools,FDC Vacation care and any other group please email me with your requirements or call

Jacqueline on 0428 553855

Where to Next?

The Magic Starfish range is designed to have longevity and sustainability through choosing the best fabric, fleece and dyes to give you a quality product which will last beyond the latest fashion trend. We will continue to purchase from ethical local manufactures and suppliers, especially owner operated businesses who contribute so much to their local communities. 


We are continuing to research and develop our products and are excited by the transformations occurring in Australian, especially the innovative products Australian small businesses are creating. We envision an expansion of Australian made sustainable products becoming available in the coming years.

If you'd like to get in contact with Jacqueline please use the contact form.

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