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If you need just soda ash for soaking this is the product for you.

This is premium grade  pure soda ash and is perfect for textile dying . Its kinda like a strong salt but it is essential in the procees to make the dye bond with the fabric .

Once it is mixed with the dye  this amazing chemical reaction occurs and you have approx 2 hours for the dye to be reactive .

420 g bag mixed with 7 litres of water makes heaps of solution. 

Perfect for the soda ash soak method when you are doing dyeing over a few days or weeks etc. 

Any left over solution can be kept for months . Simply kept in a suitable container , label it ( it will look like water ) and put a lid on it . 

Comes with intructions and gloves.

Comes in zip lock bag with label . ( new pic coming soon)

If you require larger sizes just contact me .

Soda Ash

420 Grams

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